“Having a scheduled C-Section was weird and terrifying. When my first son was born we had gone through over 30 hours of labor and ended up doing a C-Section. My blood pressure shot up so high that the doctor had me asleep during the surgery.

”This time around I didn’t know what to expect since I knew I would most likely be awake. I was nervous but ready (especially with a pandemic happening). The positive side of having a scheduled C-Section is, I drank a lot of water the day before to keep hydrated and got a full nights rest.

”Once we arrived at the hospital my fear and nerves went away and we were ready! The entire experience was great and having a baby during a pandemic ended up being a blessing in disguise. No visitors were allowed so it was just my husband and I bonding with our new baby. Lots of skin to skin and one on one time helped bring my milk in quicker than my first time.

”Once I arrived home I got a lot of rest, stayed hydrated and ate a lot of Kaimade Milk Cookies. My milk came in within 3 days instead of what felt like 2 weeks with my first son. I am proud to say my son is 12 days old and we’re exclusively breastfeeding thanks to Kaimade Milk Cookies.”
“If you’re a momma who’s been following me then you probably know that I’m an exclusive pumper and that I was an over supplier of breastmilk. I was pumping an average of 6-7 ounces per session giving me about 54 ounces a day!!! However, I recently went back on birth control and exactly 1 week after I started, I experienced a full day of nausea, chills and a HUGE decrease in my milk supply. Suddenly I was only pumping around 4 ounces a session which was actually just enough to feed my baby, thankfully 🙏🏼 but as time progressed I feared that wouldn’t last long.
My baby was growing. He needed more milk and I was no longer pumping enough. In the past with my first son I was only able to pump about 2 to 3 ounces a session, I tried drinking teas and eating lactation cookies but nothing worked. So I had been reluctant to try any supplements out there.

”But then this mama @kaimade reached out to me, she makes these lactation cookies that I’ve actually heard of so I figured I’d give it a try... boy was I in for a surprise!
After the first time I tried these cookies, I pumped 5 oz. pretty norm. But then on my next pump I made 9.5 oz!!! I totally thought I was trippin 🤷🏼‍♀️ So about a week and a half later as I was dipping back down to pumping just 4 ounces a session, I baked another batch of @kaimade milk cookies. And you guys!!! I kidd you not!!! The same thing happened!!! My first pump after I ate the cookies was 6 ounces which wasn’t out of the norm for me... but then... then it was the 2nd pump, like last time... the 2nd pump after eating cookies I produced 12 oz!!!! I was dying!!! I never even pumped that much when I was in oversupply mode 😆

”So I’m back to pumping 40+ ounces a day! That’s over a 10 ounce boost!!! And it happened twice for me so I know it’s the cookies! They also taste AMAZING!!! I got the flavor oatmeal confetti white chip and it tastes like a cake married a cookie 😆”
“Breastfeeding has been an amazing challenging journey! And we all hit that stage where our milk supply slows down. I have tried lactation teas, tons of lactation cookies, old wives tales recipes and nothing has worked as good as these cookies from @kaimade!!! During the holiday season breastfeeding moms also tend to go through this stage because there’s so much going on, so many things to take care of and we don’t nurse as usual.
“I am so glad I got the opportunity to try Kaimade Milk Cookies -Not only they are the easiest cookies to bake but they are ohh soooo delicious you can’t really eat just one 😋! Those who know me know I’m not one to eat cookies but I can’t really resist to these! Surprise your breastfeeding mama with @kaimade milk cookies ♥️ 📷”